My online courses and trainings provide a platform to explore creative movement ideas. They encourage you to make decisions based on how things feel in your body, rather than how they look. I deliver inspiration for pioneering yoga teachers and embodied inquiry for all movers and changers, exploring multiple styles and traditions of yoga, movement and spirituality. I believe that fluidity, variation and choice provide you with the freedom to initiate positive changes for yourself, your life and the world you co-create.

I dedicate my work to education, offering support, sharing knowledge, guidance, listening and I commit to bring out the best in people, allowing them to shine.  I value variety, quirkiness, humour and welcome you as you are. Believe me – we all need help realising that there’s nothing to fix, only to inquire and embrace, accessing our inner wisdom, growth and contentment.

I envision a world where people are truly seen and acknowledged for all that they do, I believe you already know you’re on that path – and occasionally need a little help along the way. A guide to reacquaint you to your authentic self.