A powerful question

I have spent the last two decades exploring countless yoga styles, movement practices and meditation techniques. I’ve attended multiple anatomy courses, yoga teaching intensives, and completed numerous qualified courses including; yoga therapy, permaculture, shamanism, and massage – I got lost in the mindset that if I keep doing more and more then, my life will one day get better. Although it’s provided me with a wealth of knowledge and heaps of experience, it has also been very confusing at times. I often joke about how much money I have spent on courses to realise that no one really ‘knows’ – but instead wisdom allows us to land more comfortably in the ‘not knowing’ – and there’s so much fun and laughter to be shared along the way!

I have been blessed with a rich and varied life. It sometimes feels like multiple lives with the number of different jobs and life lessons I’ve had. I am passionate about learning and continuing to grow.

Yoga was simply the beginning of my journey – the search for community and a sense of belonging. I travelled the world, met some amazing teachers, had many life changing moments, and every time I came back home the feeling slowly faded. ‘Life’ happened again bringing back those familiar feelings of wanting to escape.

As a teacher, I have had my share of uncomfortable feelings; isolation, loneliness, long spells of pain and discomfort, feeling too tired for strenuous movement, fatigue, overwhelm, and the constant drive for more. This is part of being human. All I knew was that I wanted to feel free and I needed more simplicity.

I developed a range of practices to cope with uncertainty and enabled me to stay true to myself.

With an eclectic background in Fine Art and Music, working in both sectors for many years of my life, I bring a unique creative perspective with my approach to spiritual transformation. I help people to connect deeply to their bodies using creativity, expression and rule breaking. I’m definitely a teacher for those who want to think outside of the box, and have an intelligent relationship and awareness to the body that they actually inhabit.

Gardening brings me joy, as does permaculture and seeing the teachings in all that surrounds me. Nature is a teacher. I’m convinced she brings out the best in people, showing us a different view on the world. Happiness can be found in the connections we make. When I’m not teaching, I can be found out in nature walking with my three dogs, pottering in the garden or with my head in another inspiring book.  I love cooking, listening to podcasts, and attending seminars on life’s current topics of interest.

It has been known that I also tends to over indulge occasionally on chocolate too… cough cough..  I mean goji berries and spirulina!

I love to share with others with the aim to inspire and ignite.  I enjoy bringing a sprinkling of humour into the mix, inspiring growth without taking life too seriously. Everyone deserves to enjoy life.

I believe I’m here to awaken the spirit in people – to help people to connect back to nature and their true nature, one of connection, creativity and care.